No No Hair Removal Reviews Or Price 2017

No No hair removal is a safe gadget for removing hairs from different body parts as informed by sellers and that’s why No No hair removal work and reviews are now asked in general.

No No hair removal

Why do you want to know about No No hair removal work, reviews and Price?

Everyone wants a skin with less or no hair. There could be several reasons for people removing their body hair. Especially people working in fashion world, film industries, showbiz and multimedia try to look different and stunning. That’s why they prefer to have lesser body hair or no hair. This wish makes them look for a hair removal gadget or some wax, or any hair removal cream. There are a lot of products from which one is No No hair removal machine.

No No hair removal working:

It is the gadget which has three modes working. It has Low, medium and high conducting power. It works by removing hair by means of a heated wire that hangs about the surface of the skin and burn small hairs. It has medium and high modes which can be brought to use by fitting a wide tip for removing hairs on the parts with high level of hair growth e.g. legs, chest, arms etc and a small tip fitted for the areas with small hairs like face. If you want to remove hairs from your any body part, than you have to glide this device at an angle of 90 degree with the skin. If the angle increases or decreases to a great extent, i.e. 80 degrees or 100 degrees, then a red light glows that illustrate an alert for the wrong position. After you are done with gliding the device over your skin you need to provide buffer because the crystallized hair remain in the skin and give a texture of prickly feel. If you provide buffer than buffing will make your crystallized hair come out of skin and give you a smooth feel.

No No hair removal testing:

How its testing was done? For this process about 5 ladies, who normally shave their legs at least three times per week, were brought under its test. They were supposed to let their legs hair grow for at least a weak and after one week all of they were asked to shave their legs as usual but this time by using No No hair removal device. We asked them to use No No hair removal device for six weeks as they do before.

What we found after testing of No no hair removal work and reviews?

The results are quite astonishing. All of the 5 ladies confessed that they never felt like before as they felt during the testing. They told that their legs felt like smooth and stubble-free.

No No hair removal price:

Enter the No No 8800 hair remover, about $285, a device that’s all but unavoidable if you watch TV.

No No hair removal customer reviews?

No No hair removal device has quite bad reviews at all. There are its lovers but most of the customers claimed it a bad gadget that expires very soon while some thought that shaving is better at least it is done in lesser time whereas No No took time up to 25 minutes per leg.  Who has got so much time in this busy world just to waste for a product that works too slowly? Older No No also known as No No pro worked even better. Some claimed that the hairs grew were softer than before.

If review were to be calculated in terms of numbers than ration of good to bad reviews were 2 ratios 28 (2:28). Most people reviewed this product as it doesn’t work efficiently and that’s a great thing to know before buying a product.

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