How To Style Curly Hairs For Women To Try In 2017 (with Pictures)

It is an often question in the minds of those ladies with curly hairs because they don’t even know how to style curly hairs?

How To Style Curly Hairs At Home? Follow up

While there are people with straight hairs and are trying to have curly hairs by lot of efforts and hard work, as they have to go through curling machines, perms, or curling irons, there are some people with naturally curly hairs and they seems to curse their curly hairs just because they want to have straight hairs. It is totally unfair with natural beauty of curly hairs.

How To Style Curly Hairs For Women To Try In 2017

Styling curly hairs is not an easy task as they need special care and time for proper styling. In the morning time curly Hairs are just unruly and in the humid environment they tend to be frizzy. Of course styling them is not an easy task but you will soon find that the natural beauty is lot more kindness of God to us. You will surely come to know the right answer for styling curly hairs.

Here is a step by step guide of How to Style Curly Hairs?

Use Right Shampoo And Conditioner:

Curly hairs are prone to frizz in any situation if maintenance is not proper. You should use anti sulfate products of shampoo and conditioner to wash your hairs off. Right product will give your hair a special care otherwise your hairs will be damaged.

Use Cold Water To Rinse Off Shampoo And Conditioner:

After you have washed your hair with shampoo rinse off with cold water to ensure hairs safety or your curls will be damaged and become roughly shaped. Then do rinse off the conditioner with cold water as well. So, your rinsing off will be secure and safe.

Dry Hair With Clean Tee-Shirt Not Towel:

After washing your curly hairs and cleaning them in right way, you will have to dry your hairs with a clean tee-shirt rather than to clean with the help of a towel. It is so because towel is bit hard for your soft curly hairs that cannot bear the jerking power of towel. If you don’t have a tee-shirt or you necessarily use a towel, then use towel in a tap tap manner rather than to jerking.


How To Style Curly Hairs Using a Curl Enhancing Product?

You always wanted to have anti frizz hairs. Right? That’s totally possible by using a curl enhancing anti frizz product or you should better go for a curl styling cream. How to add curl enhancing product to your hair? Simply place some drops of product on your hand palm and spread on both hands. After that, apply the product to your all hairs in a way that your hairs could not be stretched.

Let Your Hair Dry:

For this purpose you should better leave your hairs air dry rather than drying with tee shirt or towel. If you are in a hurry then you can also go for a diffuser to make your hair dry. Use the diffuser from bottom to top of hairs i.e. from tips to the scalp. Move diffuser from tips to scalp, faced upward down and then pull the diffuser back down. Continue the process until your hairs dry.

Avoid Brushing Your Curls:

After drying your curly hairs, you are supposed not to brush or comb your hairs as brushing or combing will totally ruin your beautiful curls. Just keep your curly hairs fresh and relaxed all day. You will feel like prettiest girl in the world and you will surely never want to get your curly hairs off.


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