How To Get Hair Dye Off Your Hands

How to get hair dye off your hands if you have got your hands dyed along with your hairs as well?

Simple steps; how to get hair dye off your hands:

It looks so disgusting when you have got dye in your hands and specially nails. Hair dye is easy to remove from your hands and nails with the help of soap and washing with water. But what if the dye color doesn’t get removed with soap and water? There is no need to get panic. There are a lot of ways to remove dye color from your hands and nails. There are a lot of ways for different skin types so you don’t get any irritation while removing dye from your hands.

How To Get Hair Dye Off Your Hands

How to get black hair dye off your hands

If you have got sensitive skin then try removing with a cleanser by gently scrubbing the cleanser onto your hands. There are various products that get dye off your hands and its serious stains from your nails.

  1. Act quickly after you have got dye in your nails or on your hands:

When you have got dye onto your hands or in your nails you don’t have any need to panic rather act quickly and wash your hands with soap and water. Dye takes a few minutes to pigment your skin and if you have removed the dye before it starts acting and doing its work then it’s a great work.

Do you know that your skin is composed of layers? The dye gets deeper into the layers of your skin, if you let the dye stay on your skin it will go deep and deep and will pigment more of the layers with respect to time and hence it will be much difficult to remove the dye.

  1. Press non gel toothpaste on your hands and gently massage:

Toothpastes comes with an ability to remove stains from hard teethes, so it can easily remove stains from the skin. It removes the dead skin cells and lets newer cells to appear that may have not got the stains yet.

How to get hair dye off your hands? Simple, for removing dye stains from your hands you have to put some toothpaste and then scrub for maximum one minute and after that wash with warm water. No the stains have removes completely and if the stains still remain behind then repeat the process again but add a pinch of baking soda this time to the toothpaste to increase its effectiveness.

  1. Apply olive oil, sunflower oil, baby oil, or petroleum jelly on to your hands:

If you have done everything to remove the dye stains but still they are on your skin or in your nails then try this one remedy. You can apply any oil that is easily available like olive oil, castor oil, baby oil, sunflower oil or petroleum jelly on your hand and let it stand for overnight. Apply few drops of any available oil on your hand and gently scrub with fingers. Now leave your hand and let the oil remain on your hand for overnight. The oil will cause the dye stains come out of layers of skin and you will get neat and clean skin again.

This method is especially useful for the people with sensitive skin.

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