Dreadlock Hairstyles Ideas 2017 For Long and Short Hair

Anyone can have the benefits of having dreads but it is definitely helping for starting dreads if you have curly hairs but the question is how to start dreads?

How to start dreads? Follow here:


Straight hairs take more time to be dread locked. The straighter your hairs are the more time consuming and patience requiring process will be. But that doesn’t means that straight hairs can’t be dread locked. If time and patience are with you then you can have dreads started. There are a lot of methods for starting dreads and there is not a single rule that applies to everyone.  The methods described here in this article are for curly hairs because there has no method to start dreads for straight hairs.

  • Comb Coils
  • Palm Rolled
  • Braids
  • Organic Neglect
  • Finger Twisting
  • Washing
  • Beeswax or not?


Comb coils:

Comb Coils For Short Hair


Comb Coils For Long Hair


This step is mostly done by a hairdresser. The hairs are parted neatly according to the size of your taste and are perverted into segments with the help of toothed combs. The segments are very neat and they can untie more easily when they become wet.

Palm Rolled

Latest Palm Rolled Hairstyle For Black Women

African American Palm Rolled Hairstyle

This step is again done only by a hair dresser as only hair dresser can handle while starting dreads. In this step hairs are rolled out with gel between the palms.


Amazing braids with dread locks hairstyle for 2017

For the braids you can make out small box braids which are later rolled between the palms with gel to look like dead locks.

Organic the Neglect Method:

Organic Neglect hairstyle 2017

Dreadlocks Organic Neglect hairstyle

This method is mostly adopted by Rastafarians for answering the question; how to start dreads? What they do is just wash their hair, shake them and after that leave them free. Dreads start making on their own. As the hairs grow on the desire of individuals they can separate the larger sections into the smaller ones or they can leave them grow as longer dreadlocks.

Finger Twisting:

Finger Twisting hairstyle

African American Finger Twisting hairstyle

Finger twisting include the twisting of sections of hairs that are continuously twisted around and around using, oil and water, bee wax or gel. The sections are pinned up together to prevent them from unraveling.

Washing (while starting dreads)

When your process of starting dreadlocks begins try not to wash your hairs too often. It is because when you wash your dreadlocks too often they will start unraveling. It is okay to humidify your dreadlocks weekly but for the purpose of re-twisting. Must remember when you wash your hairs; try to use lesser amount of soap or shampoo. After washing you will have to tighten the dreadlocks that have loosen during the washing process.

Beeswax or Not?

Bees wax is a perfect element for holding the dread locks together when they are new and it is inexpensive that is easily available to you.

There are some cons of bees wax as well like it leaves behind a residue and can hold dirt until it is totally melted out

 Comb Coils Hairstyles For Short Hair Black Women  Short dread locks hairstyle for 2017
 Finger Twisting hairstyle For 2017  Valerie June Organic Neglect hairstyle

An important note for you is to use the bees wax only at the early stages of starting the dreads only. Te purpose is to hold the new dreadlocks together until they have grown so that they can loc themselves on their own. After your hair has begun to loc them on their own you should stop using bees wax or else you can also switch to a lighter less sticky product.


I assume that you will no ifs ands or buts endeavor these hair styling’s for your hairs and look lovely than some time as of late, you will unmistakably get advantage and as I would see it you ought to endeavor these hair styles I mean they are so enchanting and fascinating. Besides all this remember to share these remarkable tips and perfect haircuts with your colleagues on facebook, twitter, instagram, et cetera. For all the more exquisite hair styles and tips stay associated with us.