How To Dip Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid And Conditioner

Kool aid can be used for dying hairs but how to dye your hair with kool aid?

What can you do to know how to  dip dye your hairs with kool aid?

You don’t have to do it as we are here to guide to in a complete way. But the question is how to dye your hair with kool aid? Before we could start discussing how to dye hairs with kool aid we first must know what actually kool aid is?

How To Dye Your Hair With Kool Aid And Conditioner

Do you know what kool aid is? No? Don’t worry if you didn’t know it earlier because you are just about to know. So, kool aid is a classic childhood drink. It is fruity in flavor and comes in a variety of flavors and colors. You are now surely be surprised that how one can dye hairs with a drink? Yes, it is true and bit hilarious but you can dye your hair using kool aid even you can dye your hair more efficiently with it. It is cheaper than usual hair dyes and is available easily at every shopping store. You can use this drink to dye your hair with a dip & dying process.

What is dip dying process? This process is used to dye only the tips of hairs rather than to color your whole hairs. If you want to dye your complete hairs then you can dip your whole head in the container so to catch the dye.

Now you must be wondering that how this mixture will be made and how long it will take to dye your hairs. To know the recipe of this dye and setting time follow us here. We are here to guide you in a better way to fulfill your desire.

Kool aid dye preparation


  1. 2 kool aid packets
  2. 1 old clean tee-shirt
  3. 2 cup water
  4. 1 clean hair band
  5. 1 comb
  6. 1 pot/pan
  7. 1 cup, container or bowl


For preparation there are a few steps that are supposed to follow one by one.

How to  dip dye your hairs with kool aid in seven simple steps?

Step 1:-

For the first step you need to gather your all ingredients on the same place where you are going to cook this and make a dye for your hairs.

Step 2:-

For the second step you have to pour two cups of water in the pan or pot.

Step 3:-

Now for the third step you have to pour two packets of Kool aid into the pan or pot.

(Note: you can use any color of desire for kool aid to make dye if your choice.)

Step 4:-

Moving on to the next step, you have to put the pan or pot on the stove or burner or else what you have got for cooking. After placing burn the fire between medium and high flames and let the mixture boil for two to three minutes.

Step 5:-

For the next step pour the mixture immediately in the bowl or the container in which you have planned to dip your hairs in.

Step 6:-

Now must remember for this step that your hairs must be combed and if you want better results you had must washed your hairs recently. Well combed and washed hairs get color in proper manner and looks incredible. To avoid stains don’t forget to wear an old tee shirt.

Step 7:-

Now for the last step you are supposed to dip your hair in the bowl containing prepared dye. It is up to you how much you want to dye your hairs. If you want to dye only tips than you can go for a pony tail and dip the pony tail tips in the mixture. If you want lighter color of dye than you have to just dip your hairs fir 15 minutes bur if you want darker color then you should dip your hair for 25-30 minutes. The longer you dip your hair in the mixture the brighter will be the color. The color usually lasts for two to four weeks depending totally on how much you wash your hairs.

Desired dye color is now on your hairs, enjoy the astonishing dye coloring. So it was how to dye you hairs with kool aid and it’s easy.

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