Cute Little Boy Haircuts For 2017

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your child look cute and astounding but without a proper little boy haircut all is in vain.

Little boy haircuts; a complete round:

The early years of a child are the most memorable and special moments for the time when they have grown up. So, parents want to keep these moments be safe and secure for the future. For that purpose they capture every photo of their child for the daily yearly photo album. Parents never want to capture the photo of the child n which their child looks ugly or funny that may prove to be embarrassing for the Child’s after they grew up and blame their parents for that misshape.

Cute Little Boy Haircuts For 2017

There are different varieties of little boy haircuts from which you can choose the one that’s looks great on the face of your child. Here the selection is completely in your hands and your child doesn’t have a say in its approval or rejection. It is totally your choice of how you see your child good looking in which haircut. There are  a lot of haircuts listed below that have been designed to give your child’s an amazing look that they will surely love to look back from the future. You can choose according to the face shape and hair type of your child’s hair that looks gorgeous to be worn.

Side swept haircut:

Little Boy Haircuts Side Swept 2017

This is the simplest and easiest haircut style that will surely make your child look pretty. This haircut style is preferred by most of the parents. In order to achieve this haircut style you will have to follow the natural division of hair and brush the hairs sideways. This little boy haircut is eventually combined with an undercut to give a more beautiful look. This type of haircut looks great on triangular, oval or round shaped faces.

The faux Hawk:

Cute Little Boy Faux Hawk Haircuts For 2017

This is tapered haircut that is very common and is quite similar in look with a Mohawk. The only dissimilarity between the Mohawk and faux hawk is the absence of closely lacking hair on the sides. This little boy haircut style is suitable for all face types except the one named oval shaped face.

Messy Bangs:

Little Boy Messy Bangs Haircuts


Little Boy Messy Bangs Haircuts For 2017


Due to the different look of the haircut and hairs the messy bangs are also referred to as “the mop”.  In this little boy haircut technique the tapering is done around the neck and ears going upward with the long bangs that make this hairstyle interesting to be chosen. You should try this haircut on your child’s hair for a beautiful look.

Short Pompadour:

Cute Little Boy Short Pompadour Haircuts For 2017

Pompadour is the most popular haircut style that is mostly chosen by adults and toddlers as well. For little boy haircuts the pompadour is short with little tapering and brushing the hairs from front side to back side. As mentioned earlier this pompadour haircut looks a great fit on all age types but it looks bit more pretty on toddlers due to babyish look. This hairstyle can be worn by applying a generous amount of texturizing lotion onto your child’s hairs and then combing or brushing backward and finally brushing the side for giving hairstyle a unique fine look.

Classic curly:

Cute Little Boy Classic curly Haircuts For 2017

This haircut style for little boys can be achieved by cutting the hairs so close to the roots so to emphasize the hair locks of naturally curly hair. To enhance the curls you can also use a curl enhancing product.

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